Wedding Jewellery

We’re committed to reducing the impact on our planet. Every piece of our jewellery is handcrafted and ethically sourced using 100% recycled metal from a Fairtrade refiner in the UK.

Our precious gems and diamonds are sourced from Fairtrade Gemstones, a family business based in the UK with Fairtrade gemstone mines in Africa and provide a clear and transparent supply chain for all their products.

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We offer three different options with our wedding and engagement jewellery, Ready-to-wear, Personal touch, Bespoke. If you would like to book a consultation please use the booking form, or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Hawthorn – Fine Ring

  • Hawthorn – Main Branch Ring

  • Hawthorn – Middle Branch Ring

  • Hedgerow – Bark Ring

  • Hedgerow – Buttercup Garland Ring

  • Hedgerow – Ivy Wreath Ring

  • Hedgerow – Primrose Posy Ring

  • Hedgerow – Wild Violet Ring

  • Lakshmi – Aphra Ring

  • Lakshmi – Open Ring

  • Lakshmi – Wishbone Ring

  • Persia Ring

  • Renewed Classic – D-shape

  • Renewed Classic – Flat Band

  • Renewed Classic – Half Round

  • Renewed Classic – Halo

  • Renewed Classic – Halo Wishbone

  • Renewed Classic – Square

  • Till Death Do Us Part

  • Wedding Ring Making Workshop

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