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Recycled Silver & Gold

All the jewellery has the same purity and properties as other non-recycled gold or sterling silver which means we do not compromise on quality by using ethical materials. We source our metals from Capella Manufacturing Limited, who are one of the only refinery to supply 100% recycled, fairtrade metal. With over 5,000 tonnes of silver alone being scrapped each year, we feel very strongly that these metals can be reused to create beautiful new pieces.


Thought of as one of the most luxurious and precious metals, gold has long been associated with wealth and prosperity whilst adding a shimmer and shine to any occasion. Gold now comes in a variety of colours, for example:

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold looks the most like gold in the natural form. It is created by mixing pure gold with silver, copper and a small amount of zinc. The purest of gold has 24 carats and has a warm yellow colour, representing the sun, illumination and radiance, however pure gold is extremely soft and is not always suitable for wedding jewellery as it needs to be durable.

White Gold

White Gold is created by mixing metals such as silver or palladium with pure yellow gold. This not only changes the colour, but makes the pure gold more durable. Often the white gold is then plated with rhodium to give a harder surface with a brighter shine. The colour can often change over time, but the rhodium plating can be replaced to make the ring look good as new.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold colour is increasingly popular and is created by mixing pure gold with mostly copper and small amounts of silver and zinc.

Other Golds

More unusual golds, such as blue, purple or black gold can be made for a unique look using oxides on the finished surface.

The number of Carats in your gold depends on the mixture of metals, for example 18 carat gold is approximately 75% pure gold.

Fairtrade Gemstones & Diamonds

Using responsibly mined diamonds and gems protects the environment and those involved in their extraction from the Earth. We source all our precious gems and diamonds from Fairtrade Gemstones, a family business based in the UK with Fairtrade gemstone mines in Africa.

They provide safe and comfortable working conditions for all employees at the mines, including minimum age restrictions and healthcare provisions. As an ethical company, they strive to improve infrastructure in the areas they work as well as protect the environment. They provide a clear and transparent supply chain for all their products, which means you know where your gems have come from and can be certain that nothing has been harmed or exploited in the process.

Colours & Finishes

The addition of gems and diamonds allows you to add vibrant colours to your piece, and the varying shades and shines of recycled metals complement and enhance the colours. From soft and delicate, to bright and opulent, a variety of finishes can be incorporated to ensure your special ring represents you.

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